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Coke Caravan Tracktor Trailer

Aside from its delicious taste, another reason for the success of COCA-COLA has been its distinctive advertising, featuring original illustrations by renowned artists-including the famous COCA-COLA Santa by Haddon Sundblom. Widely regarded as the only true Santa, this timeless portrayal appeared on the COCA-COLA Holiday Caravan tractor trailer. Now recreated in all its glory by Matchbox Collectibles - with the COCA-COLA Santa painted on both sides of the cab and trailer - and even on the rear doors! The die-cast trailer is pulled by the die-cast replica of a cab made by Peterbilt, the renowned big rig manufacturer. This model is crafted to capture the intricate engineering of a full-size rig with chrome-finished grille, horns, exhaust pipes, whip antennae, air intakes, diesel tanks-and all 18 wheels!​

Coke Caravan Tracktor Trailer

​Nydelig Coca Cola lastebil med Julenisse og dekor.  Hvem husker ikke reklamen som vises på TV i desember ?  30 cm lang.

KS199/A-M  Coke Caravan Tractor Trailer



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